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Drummers are among those who, together with singers, need an ear monitor system that can facilitate their work during musical performances, concerts, recording studios and so on. So, a high sound quality in ear monitor system for drummers give many benefits for musicians.

Unlike other musicians, drummers need earphones that are particularly suited to their instrument for a variety of reasons. The volume of an acoustic drum kit is so high that to be able to hear other instruments well during a live performance or in the recording studio, you often need to shoot the volume of your monitor so that it can at least equalize the volume of the instrument itself, if not really cover it. It follows that the performance will be done, throughout the duration of the concert at very high volumes and the consequences can be negative both for the success of the performance and for the health of the drummer himself.

The drummer who chooses to use an in-ear system to monitor the audio during his performance will solve these problems due to the fact that he works for a long time with very high sound pressure levels.
With ear monitors you can play loud but without breaking the eardrums

Ear monitors for drummers are designed to isolate the ear from the sound coming from the outside. One of the advantages is that you can play with a volume not too high in the headphones, being able to maintain the right relaxation and concentration during the concert.
The isolation of the ear monitors is not total

Although many claims that isolation could isolate so much that it could emotionally detach the musician from the rest of the band’s members, isolation is not such as to allow this. In addition, there are various options in the design of ears systems that allow you to decide how much to isolate the headset from the outside.

An excellent system for drummers, often necessary to avoid dropping the headset from the ear, is to have a custom ear monitor with a cast of the ear. Taking the ear print for the cast you have the opportunity to have a custom-made ear monitor built.

If you spend a lot on a professional headset is worth the penalty make a warranty that can cover the product even for breakages caused by ourselves. You know that in some situations you go a little too far with the volumes and it is worth being quiet in this respect.
If you are a professional, or are about to become a professional, remember that hasty decisions are hardly ever the right ones. Take a long time to make such a choice. Choosing the right headset is an important decision so be careful when making your choice.

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