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Electron Digitone Keys

Your favourite digital synth from Elektron has just been styled with … buttons! And not just any keys, we’re talking about 37 semi-weighted and velocity-sensitive keys with aftertouch to control the 8 polyphonic voices (multitimbral). The pitch of the keys is assignable, and you can edit the sound with two new modulation wheels.

MFB 301 Pro

The MFB-301 Pro is a reissue of an old analogue drum computer designed 40 years ago! All components are the same as the original, both inside and out, which means you get the authentic sound of the late 70s and early 80s! As a bonus, this new version has MIDI and more instrument sounds onboard, all of which can, of course, be edited with various parameters.

Native Instruments Complete Audio 6 MK2

What’s great about this 6-channel USB audio interface is its sleek and practical design with a large output volume control and separate input indicators on the top of the unit. But even better is its price; its features are unbeatable for a product that costs just over 200 Euros. You get 6 channels (2 mics/line/instrument combo inputs, 2 line inputs, MIDI in and out and S/PDIF input/output), 4 line outputs and (very convenient) 2 headphone outputs. Both the price and the features are great for today’s musicians (and don’t forget the included software bundle).

Jowoom Smart Tuner T2

No more wanting to turn the tuning pegs forever? You don’t have to do that anymore with this little devil … The USB rechargeable Jowoom Smart Tuner T2 does all the work for you. Simply attach the string to your Western, Classical or Electric guitar (or ukulele) and it turns the tuner until the string is tuned. Don’t believe me, just watch the video under here and be fascinated by its precision …

Focusrite Scarlett 3rd Generation Series

Focusrite has arrived at the third generation of its USB audio interfaces, this time with improved converters and latency. The series ranges from the 2i2 (2 inputs, 2 outputs) to the 18i20 (yes, well thought out, it has 18 inputs and 20 outputs) with everything in between. All models in the series are equipped with the new “Air” circuit, which you can activate to boost the higher frequencies and reduce the proximity effect (previously an exclusive feature of the high-end Scarlett models). Here is a fantastic video review of the 3rd Gen series.


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