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The selection of the right models is however complicated because with more than 300 types in our assortment you can already think. A little light into the darkness brings this blog. We only allow ourselves to classify you in categories as player types.

Let’s see where you are again. Let’s go!?

The “I just want to play the player.”

You don’t (yet) have any special requirements regarding shape and length, but want an all-rounder that is durable and has implemented your movements in such a way that the fun on the stick is not neglected? Then you should drive very well with a 5A model, you get a little more material with a 55A or 5B stick between your fingers. The 5A version of Vic Firth is of excellent quality and feels good, like the Vic Firth 5A American Classic Hickory Sticks. Somewhat cheaper is the also very well processed stick of the German company Rehema, the 5A Hickory “natural”.

By the way, many experienced professionals return to these standard models after testing themselves with dozens of other masts. Here you can see all 5A sticks at a glance.

You like to play strong music styles, but your guitarists don’t pay attention to your ears or the unwritten rule that the drums should be the loudest instrument in the room? Before rubbing your fingers bloody with chopsticks, you should resort to the help of extra weight in your hands. These chopsticks either have the size designation 2B or unique terms such as “rock”. When it comes to wooden chopsticks, the Vic Firth brand is also highly recommended: Vic Firth 2B American Classic Hickory.

The aluminium sticks of the American company Ahead, for example, the Ahead Rock Sticks, are not cheap, but durable and have many fans.

The ” My sticks are super-button-short players “: You found “your” stick, but it somehow finds it a bit too short, for example, because you don’t like to sit too close to the drums? Many manufacturers have extended the popular models of the series, where the father is called “Power”, like the father 5B Power Drumstick Holz. Vic Firth calls his Langhorses “Extreme”, under this link you can find the 5A version.

The “quiet player”.

Is that too expensive for you? Made from light maple – Millenium brand models also work and are unbeatable. You can find the model Millenium 7A Drumsticks Maple under this link.

The Nova models from Vic Firth are also in a really low price range. These are much cheaper than the American Classics and yet an alternative for those of you who don’t have the highest standards for your sticks, here we have the Vic Firth 7A Nova Hickory Wood Tip in your heart.

Nylon Tips

Especially drummers who stand for a clear and constant cymbal sound with a lot of pings should try out drum sticks with nylon heads. In contrast to sticks with wooden heads, which want to cut the head off first, the cymbal sound with nylon tips remains constant, even if the rest of the stick is a bit “stonier”. Tip: Take a look at the powerful Dave Lombardo Signature Stick or the Allrounder 5AN from ProMark, for example.


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